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  • Who Wants an Account?

    Start Using Glogster from ANY Device!

    This short demonstration tutorial will show you how to easily set up your School Account.

    Add Teachers and Students to begin working together.

  • Create or Invite Teachers

    This is for ADMIN USE ONLY and cannot be done with personal accounts!

    Create new Teacher account

    The 'Create' option is to be used when a teacher does not have an existing Glogster account. In the pop-up box, insert the requested details and click 'Create'. The teacher will appear on your dashboard and the log in details that you inserted (nickname and password) will be sent to the teacher's email address. 

    Invite Teacher via email or nickname

    The Invite option can be used for a teacher who has an existing Glogster account. You can invite them by their by Glogster nickname or email address. Once the invitation has been sent the teacher must log in to their account and accept the invitation on their account dashboard. This will complete the process of bringing the teacher into the school license, and they will then appear in the teachers' list on the SchoolAdmin account dashboard.

    Bulk import Teacher accounts

    The final option, 'Import', is also used to create new teacher accounts, with the same information required, but can be used to create multiple teachers' accounts at the same time. The columns that are required for the import are shown after clicking the 'Import teacher(s)' link. (The column headers are not required).

  • Import or Create Students

    Add prefix to all your existing student accounts for easy bulk import

    In the school license there are two methods for adding students:

    1) Document Import for ADMIN - Guide to adding students by CSV import.

    (It should be noted that in a School license, document import of students can only be performed from the SchoolAdmin account. If you are a teacher please ask the administrator of your license to import the students, or use method 2, below).


    2) Students Register their own accounts

    Provide the students with your School/Educator code and they register their own accounts on the Student registration page. (You will not be able to access this page whilst still logged in to your account).


    Teachers Can Add Classes and Assign Projects

    Manage your own classes and then create and assign Projects.

  • Desktop or Mobile

    Use Glogster web or app from any internet connected device!


    at home, work or school

    windows, mac whatever you have at school using an internet browser with a Flash Plug In installed & allowed.



    All dashboard features


    personal computers

    windows, mac, chrome books, or whatever you have as a personal notebook, netbook, or laptop.



    All dashboard features

    Mobile devices

    smart phones or tables

    Use your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to "Glog on the Go"! Our amazing mobile application makes Glogging so much fun!


    Capture & Create & Glog Sync

  • Glogs Available Everywhere

    Cloud Based Solution with offline glog creation on mobile devices

    Try Glogging on the Go!

    Create glogs from any device and watch them sync to the cloud for easy access from any device.

  • Privacy & Firewall

    Keep you and your students safe

    ALLOW Glogster Domains to access full services


    To use Glogster and Glog content without issues, you have to allow these domains and IP address: 


    You control school firewall and access to multimedia web sources

    You have full control over what content students access from the web through your school firewall. You can also enable Safari restrictions on iPad to restrict what students add to their glogs.

    Admin and Teachers can fully control student accounts

    Admin and teachers have full access over student accounts. You can reset their passwords, edit profile info, or delete their account. You also have full access over their glogs and can delete anything you feel is inappropriate.  

    Use Glogster with fast internet for a joyful and smooth experience

    Though it is possible to glog in OFFLINE MODE, you need to be connected to a fast internet connection in order to properly sync and save glogs to the cloud. You also have access to over 10,000 graphic elements when connected to the web.

    Offline captured and saved glog content is stored on mobile device

    "Glog on the Go" and save glogs offline. Glogs are then synced to the cloud when connected to the internet. You can even allow via app settings "Sync via Cellular Data" and if device is connected the glog data synchronisation continues out of wifi network on the go.

    WEB / DESKTOP dashboard have all school features


    Understand that WEB version dashboard is the main account where you can interact with Classes and Projects created by teachers, use all imported school student accounts & internal messaging between Teachers, Students and Admin. Mobile versions allow you to CAPTURE, CREATE, EXPLORE and SHARE glogs synced with user account.

  • Scale UP Anytime

    You can start with few classes and buy more 1 year slots anytime

    How license slots work?

    Purchase as many license slots as you need and gain premium access to Glogster. We can tailor any license depending on the size of your school. Tell us the number of Teacher and Student slots you need, and we will set up of your School account.

    1 year slot Subscription

    You can add slots at any time! Need more Teacher or Students slot? Not a problem, just let us know the number and we will take care of that for you.


    Contact Sales to ADD MORE SLOTS

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    We have over 200 stunning templates to choose from, to be used again and again to great effect.

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    National and International EDU contests and programs.

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